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Season Pricing
SCS Green Hornets 2020 Football/Cheerleaders Pricing

Football Players:
Please register your child in the proper age and weight bracket. Weigh your child for accuracy and note that their league age is that of their age on August 1st, 2020 not after
Figure out what team you should register your child for by referencing the 2020 League age/weight page

Football Players

$380 This is the amount you will be charged.

You will receive $100 in raffle tickets that you can sell and keep the cash from.
You will also receive your volunteer deposit of $75.00 back at the end of season after returning your child's equipment and completing volunteer time at 3 home games.

If you sell your raffle tickets and complete volunteer time you will only end up paying $205.00 for your child's season

The $50.00 jersey fee is included in this pricing and the jersey is your child's to keep at the end of the season

Please reference the 2019 League ages & Weights page to see what team to place your cheerleader on. ( note that only age matters, not weight)